Porsche 911S 1967

Today I sat in a 1967 Porsche 911S.
I felt comfortable!

Introduction to the 1967 Porsche 911S

911 is surely one the model with the most versions ever produced in the automotive industry. The 911S was the performance-oriented version of the 911 with increased power thanks to a new 2-litre alloy engine. It also featured an anti-roll bar and adjustable Koni dampers.

With the 911S was also introduced the iconic five-leaf Fuchs wheel design. Designed to improve brake cooling and to reduce unsprung mass, this design became a trademark of Porsche 911 until 1989.

Porsche 911 Fuchsfelge
Porsche 911 Fuchsfelge or “fox rims”

This particular model is important in the timeline of the 911 as it is from the first year of the production of the 911S. It is even rarer as it is one of the 25 right-hand-drive still believed to be in existence today out of the 35 originally built in 1967.

Experiencing the 1967 Porsche 911S

The car is low and the opening of the door not so big. Once seated, the driving position is very comfortable for a car of this age. Legroom is sufficient even though I am rather tall. The seat in itself has a nice cushion, while I expected it to be harsher.

Visibility is good and globally the car feels light. I think that being from 1967 helps a lot as nowadays even the smallest hatchbacks feel big and clunky.

I got to drive this particular car for Salon Privé while preparing the Best of Concours Master revelation.

The first surprise was how soft the clutch is. Porsche being sportscars I was expecting the clutch to be rather stiff, but this is not the case. The gear lever is very long so quite close to the wheel. This is handy when driving sporty but the downside is that it is quite hard to find gears. Rear is where 1st would be, 1st in place of 3rd… but I guess one gets used to it.

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