Aston Martin Vantage V8 | My First Supercar Drive

Supercars are a delight to watch, their engines notes are symphony to our hears but in the first place they are made to be driven and enjoyed doing so!

Aston Martin are special to me in the way they represent all that I like: elegance, discretion and sportiveness. I always craved for driving one, my family knew it and they made the dream reality!

Rather than going for the crazy options of multi-supercar driving on a short distance, I stuck to the Vantage and went for a decent number of laps with coaching included. And you really get to notice the difference between the first and last lap!

You get to play with the apices and to feel the curves hugging you when you get them right. Ultimately new and finer sensations start to appear when the instructor disables the ESP.

The steering was much more heavier than expected, I think that was the biggest surprise. The clutch was not that hard compared to my most extreme references which are the XJ220 and a D-Type (read my note about the D-Type). And the exhaust is not as loud as all the people revving their car try to make us think.

A big up for the instructor who delivered a non-stop flow of relevant and useful comments throughout the 10 laps! His recommendation for the next time based on my interest of improving my track abilities: the Porsche 911 GT2. That’s on my list…


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