Silverstone Classic 2017: more than a classic show

A Day at the Silverstone Classic races. This event is incredible in all ways. From the number of classic and also modern cars in constant movement around the village to the classic races, through the enormous and classy auctions, the club cars and the concerts.

This was my first opportunity to attend to Silverstone Classic. Although it is a “classic” event, I discovered the name was quite deceiving but in the good way, as it is much more than that. Let me explain!


The Silverstone Classic event takes place near the small village of Silverstone in the UK. The event is hosted on the ground of the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix race track. While the track is used for the classic races, a huge village is set-up in the middle of the track.

Auctions & Cars Clubs

One of the main sponsors of this edition is Silverstone Auctions. This company hosts some of the most exclusive car and automobilia auctions in the UK. On this particular occasions they had around 140 cars on sale.

Silverstone Auctions Catalogue
Silverstone Auctions Catalogue

The auctions took place at the international paddock, so I hopped on one of the old double deckers constantly feeding the various spots and got there in no time.

For a classic car and a supercar lover, the viewing that takes place before the auctions is an attraction on its own. It is an ephemeral exhibition with works of art in their best condition. Some cars have never been shown to the public before, and might never be ever again once acquired.

Browsing through the collection is the opportunity to get to know new brands or discover new models.

David Brown Automotive – Speedback GT
David Brown Automotive – Speedback GT

The Speedback GT from David Brown Automotive is one of those cars I discovered at the auction. I love how it mixes the classic look of the Aston Martin DB6 with the level of equipment of a modern luxury car.

For the rest here is an overview of what was on display:

The village

While the core of the event is classic racing, what is happening on the campus is equally fascinating.

I feel that to really enjoy the races, you must somehow be involved in it, otherwise you may just see just a group of classic racing cars going round the track. This is entertaining for a few minutes and then loses its interest. Being able to read and understand racing is something I will look at later on.

But on this opportunity after having watched a few races, I started to wander through the village. The internal roads leading to the various spots of the events are used by a wide diversity of vehicles. From a sports car to a utility van, from the 1930 Bentley Blower Le Mans No.9 to the brand new Honda NSX from a Formula Ford 50 to a golf car, that is the most heterogeneous show.

Formula Ford 50
Formula Ford 50

Even the buses taking you from one end to the other end of the site are classic!


Wherever you are in the village, you will be able to enjoy the sound of cars racing around the Silverstone race track all day long.

The village gives life to the event, the racing is what makes it vibrate!

There also are some race cars on static display on the village. For example, presented by the British Motor Museum was this 1971 Tyrrell Formula 1 driven by Jackie Stewart, former world champion of Formula One.

1971 Tyrrell Formula One
1971 Tyrrell Formula One – Jackie Stewart won two Grand Prix with this particular car

The Parade

The best spot to enjoy the various classic cars attending the show is the road that leads to the main gate. At around 5pm, it was packed with a long queue of classic cars leaving the event and passing by just a meter away from the lens of my camera.

It’s all compiled here with captions for you to enjoy and eventually discover new classic cars. Let me know which one is your favourite!

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