Supercars: The Supercar Event (Part 1)

Did I tell you that I volunteered to help with The Supercar Event 2017 at Dunsfold Areodrome, UK? Not only did it allow me to get close to many supercars but it was also a great way to support a good cause as all the funds collected went to the Children Trust.

I recommended in a previous post to be active. Volunteering is a great way of doing so, here is why through this example.

The Supercar Event takes place on an aerodrome. Its main attraction for the public is a 3-laps ride in one of the supercars around the short and famous Top Gear track. This is the track used by the so-called BBC TV show to perform some of its test drives.

The brief I received ahead of the event said that my duty would be to sell raffle tickets and merchandise. Not very exciting but fortune favours the bold.

Supercars Rides: Nissan GT-R and Ariel Nomad

On the day, I was given an alternative: I could be a helmet helper. This meant I would spend to whole day among supercars posted either at the start line or at the finish line. So it was a yes, loud and clear!

At the beginning of the day, attendance was still low and some cars were leaving empty. So I felt obliged to offer myself (this is what volunteers do, don’t they). And I don’t regret at all!

I was lucky to get on board of a very high performance car:

565 bhp, 0 to 60 mph in 3s, four-wheel drive, 3.8-litre twin-turbo V-6, six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

That’s on the paper, in real life it completed one lap of the famous Nürburgring racetrack in 7:19:20 (you can check it by yourself here). That’s less than the Ferrari 488 GTB or than the McLaren MP4 or than the Pagani Zonda or the than Koenigsegg CCX, for example.

So what is this supercar? – It is the Nissan GT-R.

In terms of performance, that car is in the realm of the best supercars. It may not look as exotic as the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren, but it is definitely worth the consideration. And price-wise, it is much more affordable. I am not saying it is cheap but it costs less to buy and to maintain.

Because of a breakdown on the track, we had the time to have a good chat with Adrian  – the owner and driver of this Nissan GT-R – while we were waiting on the grid. Then the track was cleared and the race marshal pointed his finger at us…

Comments. The acceleration in straight line was phenomenal. I finally understood the drivers testing supercars you can hear shouting, screaming or calling all the possible holy names. Then comes the first curve and the second most impressive sensation which is the incredible grip supercars have. They can go round corners at tremendous speed without sliding or drifting at all. And the driver was into cornering so we managed to overtake a few cars in the course of these 3 small laps.

Ariel Nomad
Ariel Nomad

I later on got the opportunity to go for a ride on board of an Ariel Nomad. Its big toy look can be deceptive as this is a supercar in its own right. Going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds with the air blowing in my face was a totally different experience.

Take aways

A very good experience, the main supercars brands were represented. There even was a Pagani Huayra. Although you cannot count on it, the free rides were a nice bonus to the already pleasant experience of volunteering. The race-like situation added to the thrill and excitement of being on board of a supercar. It was nice to start on the grid surrounded by other supercars and not being the only one on the track as for some supercars experiences. The volunteer team was very nice, the event benefits from a wide open space and offers much more activities than just the supercars rides.

If I could start my days with supercars rides every morning, I would probably have a big smile on my face all day long, that same smile that everyone had on their face when handling their helmets back to me on the finish line .

You can check out more of the supercars who attended the event in the gallery below and in my next post.

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